Independent engineering, design & consultancy company. Specialized in transport and offshore installation engineering, design of vessels, strain and fatigue measurement and analyses, ship loading computers, safety systems and hull monitoring systems


Cargo Planning and Loading Computer

CPC (Cargo Planning & Loading Computer) is a loading computer consisting of software on class-approved hardware and servers to calculate stability and strength and test it against international applicable laws and regulations. All in one is creating a helpful instrument with a user-friendly interface.

Hull Monitoring System

Hull Monitoring system is a real-time measuring system monitoring fluctuations in strain on a vessel’s hull. The system includes an alarm system for crew in case the pre-defined design and operational strain limits are exceeded. The system processes and displays the information to the officers of the vessel for operational purposes.

Marine Quality Kit

Marine Quality Kit is a portable tool to monitor real-time strain, fatigue, and accelerations. In combination with FAMON (Fatigue Measuring & Monitoring Software), it also provides a crew with fatigue data. The MQK is a mobile system which allows being easily transported and installed on any given structure, in or outdoors.


CPC 2.0 is an HMC class approved ship loading and cargo planning computer. CPC 2.0 combines all stability and strength criteria with an efficient and user-friendly interface. a Key aspect in the development of CPC 2.0 was to have a user-friendly program to operate. This was done by completely redesigning the program and focusing on optimization of the user interface and visual feedback provided by the algorithms.



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The CPC 2.0 was installed on the Yacht Cosmos, launched by the Heesen shipyard on 19 November 2021. In this project, the CPC 2.0 is linked with the Hull Monitoring System (FAMON 2.0) for structural assesment of the hull during voyage and the Polar Diagram 3D with online connection with the weather forecast for voyage monitoring.

The software loading computer CPC 2.0 was updated and installed in the Vitoria Bay vessel from Brazil, and the IT department recent developed a new update of HMC´s feature EcoTrim linked with CPC 2.0.

Reference vessel with CPC 1.9 on board: MV Anna Lehmann

CPC 2.0 is based on CPC 1.9, which was installed on over 1500 ships worldwide since its first delivery in 1980. At that time it was one of the first ship loading computers available for a wide range of ships. This long term experience resulted in the development of CPC 2.0.

Reference vessel with CPC 2.0 on board: MV SKYSTAR 

HMC BV is currently working on upgrading the CPC 1.9 of each of our existing clients. Updating more than 30 loading software per year and focusing on new developments such as EcoTrim.

Marine Services

Transport Engineering

Our specialization related to transport engineering is transport of heavy lift structures in either wet-tow or dry-tow configurations. We are also able to provide you with transport manuals, bollard pull calculations, independent supervision and warranty surveys of loading and transport operations.

Risk Analysis

Performing risk analysis is an important step to ensure maximal safety on board. Risks on a ship colliding with a wind turbine park on an oil rig near coastal routes or fairways can be quantified and calculated for endorsement or (re)design purposes.

ISM Code Compliance

Being an experienced maritime software supplier HMC advises organisations on ISM-code compliance. A variety of HMC and third-party software is offered to comply with IMO’s obligatory International Safety Management code for shipping companies.

Finite Element Method Studies

Our company specializes in FEM studies to predict and analyze problems caused by increasing weight and size of structures transported overseas. We use software such as FEMAP and Nastran to predict strain hotspots.


For each job we design customised quotations according to the particular needs of the client, working as a team with each part of the project: the shipyards, the surveyors, the suppliers, the transporters. We analyse the challenges and the risks of each part of the project, and we work in a constant and efficient communication from the beginning to the quality study and the final result.
We believe that by working as a team everything is possible and our experience guarantees it.


Phone: +31 (0) 365464775




May ’21, HMC engineering team worked together with Austal Philippines on the launch of the 118-metre high-speed ferry, Bañaderos Express, for Fred Olsen.SA, using the yard’s new floating dry dock, Lewek Hercules.

Nov ’21, HMC engineering team design a HUET simulator (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) following the OPITO regulations for the purpose of training offshore personnel on an helicopter escape emergency situation.

Oct ’21, HMC BV’s engineering department design the lifting, loading secuences, and seafastening structure to avoid any kind of failure and risk of loss during the voyage. The works encompassed stoppers and support design, pad-eyes & lifting plans, cribbing arrangements. In this last transport, the second of the year, the transport was on the Arangonborg, from Nantong (China) to Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

Jun ’21, HMC engineering departement designd the stowage plan, seafastening, and analized the motion response of the transport vessel with the cargo on top during the voyage to calculate the transport load. The  structural assessment of the deck is also performed by FEM analysis to ensure a safety voyage.

Marine Education

Custom Courses on Transport Engineering

Custom courses are designed for engineers of non-related fields and for non-technical personnel with technical issues of running your business to increase cooperation efficiency. By giving the insight into technical difficulties to your employees might better understand your company´s core business.

Guest Lectures at Schools and Universities

For schools and universities, our company offers guest lectures to give students a practical insight on problems encountered in the industry of heavy offshore transport.

Open Courses on Variaty Topics

In close cooperation with organizations (such as Absolute BME), we provide courses on several topics with open admission. Facilitators organize and promote ad-hoc courses and training on a broad variety of topics for professionals and engineers.

Course Materials

All educational activities performed by our team of experts are based on our internally developed course materials. The materials consist of a broad collection of presentations, assignments, books, and working materials.


Three day course about MWS


HMC open course New Generation AHTS & Rig Moves

Two days course about MWS

Three-day course about transport engineering