Each of our projects, each of our clients, represents a step in the history of HMC's career. We grew together and we have an even longer future ahead of us. From the Netherlands, to the whole world.

Energy Exerter loaded by jacking down and discharged by jacking up

The jack-up rig (Energy Exerter) was loaded in extreme weather conditions with temperature up to -37°C in the sheltered waters of Kirkenes, this implied special measures for the workers and for welding operations in order to assure good welding quality. The rig was transported to Kavalla. Therefore the Energy Exerter was placed longitudinal on a 0.30 [m] high cribbing on the aft deck of the Fjord, facing with the stern to the bow.

Fairmount Heavy Transport, The Netherlands / Camaroon

Engineering for dry-dock operation on the semi submersible barge Fairmount Fjord of Jack-up rig Trident XIC. Rig to be placed at the stern of the barge on 1.60m high cribbing. Loading and discharge by jacking on/off method.

Shell/Nuon, The Netherlands

Study into the feasibility of placing large numbers of Wind Turbines on the Dutch continental shelf. Study related to navigations around the turbines and the safety of shipping traffic.

SBM, Monaco

Feasibility of the transportation of the Deep Panuka MOPU from various load out port in the Far East and Middle East to NW Europe and from NW Europe to offshore Canada. Transport weight 17000 ton.

Transport of 39 barges

The semi submersible heavy lift barge (Zhong Ren 3) was loaded with 39 Mississippi barges and shipped from New Orleans to Buenos Aires. HMC used SafeTrans to make risk analyses for the voyage. SafeTrans is a system conceived in a joint industry project involving 31 companies in the heavy lift and towage industry. Other calculations as loading condition and welding calculations are performed with the Marine Services tool.

Maua Jurong, Brasil

Engineering support for dry docking operations.

SDE, Malaysia

Feasibility study and verification of the engineering for the skidding, transportation from Pasir Gudang to Qarar and float over of 2 topsides of 9600 and 9000 ton respectively.

Fairstar Heavy Transport, The Netherlands

Ballast sequence and transport condition of Gorilla Type of rig on the Fjord as typical example and port of the class approved stability booklet.

Nepa Shipping, The Netherlands

Motion response calculations, assessment of the loads on the seafastenings of inland barges loaded and voyage monitoring on the heavy lift vessel, Bravewind from China to Rotterdam.

STX Pan Ocean Rose 2 Panama lock gate transport

HMC BV worked on the delivery of the complete transport engineering that has successfully transported the first sets of four voyages. The first set of Panama locks were transported from Trieste, Italy and are now off-loaded onto a temporary dock on the Atlantic side of the waterway. The arrival of the first set of new gates comes as the expansion nears the end of its sixth year of construction.

Transport of 33 barges

Ocean Seal loaded with 33 Mississippi barges from New Orleans to Buenos Aires.

Rowan rigs 2 units 116 C

Two jack-up rigs (Rowan Paris and Gilbert Row) were loaded by float-on method on the semisubmersible barge (Gavea Lifter) in the Gulf of Mexico and transported to the Arabian Gulf, via the Cape of Good Hope.

Fairmount Marine, The Netherlands

Development of heavy duty long haul ocean going tug.

Noble Leo Segerius

The semi submersible Noble Leo Segerius needed to be dry docked on a semi submersible heavy lift barge (Zhong Ren 3) at Rio de Janeiro area where the rig was modified. The preparations started in week 30, 2005. The actual load out took place a week later. HMC made ballast steps, ballast and deballast sequences. Taken in account wind load, wave height and heel ang

Louis Dreyfus Fairmount, The Netherlands / Gabon / Malta

Transportation engineering and monitoring of the loading and discharging of the West Titania (ex- Seadrill 7) on semi-submersible barge Gavea Lifter.