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About us

HMC is an independent engineering organization with
more than 30 years of experience. The company is operating within the domains Maritime
Business Applications, Marine Services & Hydrography, and Maritime

Our products are geared towards improving the safety, quality, and
efficiency of maritime operations, improving the economics of operations and
supporting policy decisions.

Activities of HMC are classified to the following unites:



The business unit Marine Services/ hydrography (MS) is geared to improve the safety, quality and efficiency on the engineering and operational side of maritime and offshore projects. To our services»


The business unit Maritime Business Applications (MBA) comprises the technologies: management science (among others operations research) and information technology. To our products»


The business unit Maritime Education (ME) comprises activities in education and knowledge sharing. HMC develops in-house material coming from our own projects with the goal to share. To our education»
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