Our services are geared to improve the safety and efficiency of the engineering and operational side of maritime and offshore projects.

Marine Services (MS)

Transport engineering

Our specialization related to transport engineering is transport of heavy lift structures in either wet-tow or dry-tow configurations. We are also able to provide you with transport manuals, bollard pull calculations, independent supervision and warranty surveys of loading and transport operations.

Risk analysis

Performing risk analysis is an important step to ensure maximal safety on board. Risks on a ship colliding with a wind turbine park on an oil rig near coastal routes or fairways can be quantified and calculated for endorsement or (re)design purposes.

ISM code compliance


Being an experienced maritime software supplier HMC advises organisations on ISM-code compliance. A variety of HMC and third-party software is offered to comply with IMO's obligatory International Safety Management code for shipping companies.

Finite Element Method studies

Our company specializes in FEM studies to predict and analyze problems caused by increasing weight and size of structures transported overseas. We use software such as FEMAP and Nastran to predict strain hotspots.

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