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Maritime Business Application (MBA)

Cargo Planning & Loading Computer

CPC (Cargo Planning & Loading computer is a loading computer consisting of software on class-approved hardware and servers to calculate stability and strength and to test it against international applicable laws and regulations. All in one is creating a helpful instrument with a user-friendly interface.

Hull Monitoring System

Hull Monitoring system is a real-time measuring system monitoring fluctuations in strain on a vessel's hull. System includes an alarm system for crew in case the pre-defined design and operational strain limits are exceed. The system processes and displays the information to the officers of the vessel for operational purposes.

Marine Quality Kit

Marine Quality Kit is a portable tool to monitor real-time strain, fatigue and accelerations. In combination with FAMON (Fatigue Measuring & Monitoring Software), it also provides a crew with fatigue data. The MQK is a mobile system which allows being easily transported and installed on any given structure, in or outdoors.

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