Marine Quality Kit (MQK)


The MQK is a portable tool to monitor real-time strain, fatigue and accelerations. The system can be installed on the object in rugged environments outdoors and indoors. Except for a 230V power, it is fully self-supportive (i.e. cooling)


- Post-hoc analyses of strain
- Post-hoc analyses of motions
- Comparison to maximum strain
- Real-time monitoring of strain
- Real-time monitoring of motions
- Damage report of transported object
- Real-time adjustments to heading and speed to reduce fatigue damage


The system saves all strain, fatigue and motion data in corresponding directories. It's also possible to log all real measured data by turning LOG ON. The system will show all measured data real-time on screen.


Strain sensors (on request)
Motion sensors:
Three directional (x,y,z)
Acceleration range +/- 2g
Sensitivity 1000 mV/g
Resolution 540 μg