Hull Monitoring System


Hull monitoring system is a real-time measuring system monitoring fluctuations in strain on a vessel's hull. The system includes an alarm system for the crew in case the pre-defined design and operational strain limits are exceeded. The system processes and displays the information to the officers of the vessel for operational purposes.


Hull monitoring system consists of 4 modules that act independently under an overarching program.

1. The Strain Analysis Module (SAM) monitors the strain of critical positions in the vessel via intelligent strain gauges, which are integrated with a microcontroller.

2. The Ship Motion Analyser (SMA) monitors and analyses the vessel's motions.

3. The Fatigue Analysis Module (FAM) uses the input from the strain sensors to analyse the fatigue in critical positions on the vessel.

4. The Fatigue Analysis Monitoring Online (FAMON) system enables the bridge to monitor the actual rate of accumulative fatigue damage recently influenced by speed and heading of the ship in real time.


- Constructional strain, stress & fatigues
- Motion fluctuations
- Translation to stress & bending moment
- Check with maximum allowable bending moment

Why choose hullmos?

The Hull Monitoring System offers several advantages:

1. Support in the implementation of the ISM regulations.

2. Reducing hull repairs and the risk of damaging cargo

3. Empirical measurement results of the system may result in the optimization possibilities for ship constructions and the increase the durability of the hull.

4. Finally, the system acts as a recorder, which enables owners to monitor the handling of their vessel