Our goal is to enable courses, course materials and guest lectures for everybody.

Marine Education (ME)

Custom courses on transport engineering

Custom courses are designed for engineers of non-related fields and for non-technical personnel with technical issues of running your business to increase cooperation efficiency. By giving the insight into technical difficulties to your employees might better understand your company´s core business.

Guest lectures at schools and universities

For schools and universities, our company offers guest lectures to give students a practical insight on problems encountered in the industry of heavy offshore transport.

Open courses on variety

In close cooperation with organizations (such as Absolute BME), we provide courses on several topics with open admission. Facilitators organize and promote ad-hoc courses and training on a broad variety of topics for professionals and engineers.

Course materials

All educational activities performed by our team of experts are based on our internally developed course materials. The materials consist of a broad collection of presentations, assignments, books and working materials.

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