Cargo Planning & Loading Computer


CPC (Cargo Planning & Loading computer is a loading computer consisting of software on class-approved hardware and servers to calculate stability and strength and to test it against international applicable laws and regulations. All in one is creating a helpful instrument with a user-friendly interface.


CPC 2.0 server is based, enabling an exchange of all stored data within the office or ship's server. The software can be delivered with class approved hardware for onboard purposes, or licence for office use. CPC is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.


- Server-based ship loading computer
- Container, break bulk, grain & project cargo input
- Ballast water & consumable tank input
- Draft, trim & list calculation
- Observed draft correction input
- Stability & strenght calculation

Why Choose CPC?

CPC is a user-friendly assistant which saves your time, minimize the costs and makes work aboard more efficient.