About Us

Who Are We

We are an independent engineering organization operating in Maritime business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide services and products, based on many years of experience, at such a level that will ensure continuous improvement in quality, efficiency and safety of maritime operations.


What We Do

Our company provides a wide range of nautical services. Starting with transport engineering, performing analyses and research, developing maritime business applications and organizing professional education courses.

Our history

Our story began in 1978 in Almere. Since the time we became a worldwide authority with more than 30 years of experience. 

Why choose us?

Our company is helping our customers  since 1978. During the time we have accumulated knowledge and skills over numerous projects.

Our company is seen as a worldwide authority when it comes to heavy lift operations aboard the semi-submersible vessel. One of the examples is commissioning of the world’s first semi-submersible at Dockwise B.V.

HMC operates throughout the world from its head office in the Netherlands. The other two offices are located in Japan and South Korea. 

Our international team enable our customers to contact us within their own region and speak to an agent in their native language.

Since 2002 all shipping companies have to comply with IMO’s ISM code (International Safety Management) our company started to provide several software products that support the processes of shipping companies. Based on previous experience, our products speed up the whole process of ISM code compliance.

Our services and products are geared towards improving the safety, quality and efficiency of maritime operations, improving the economics of operations and supporting policy decisions.

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